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Title: Effects of heat exchanger design on the performance of a solid state hydrogen storage device
Authors: Singh, A.
Maiya, M.P.
Murthy, S.S.
Keywords: Absorption cooling
Fins (heat exchange)
Heat exchangers
Mass transfer
Virtual storage
Absorption characteristics
Heat and mass transfer
Heat exchanger design
Hydrogen storage device
Metal hydrides
Operating parameters
Solid-state hydrogen storage
Sorption performance
Hydrogen storage
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: Elsevier Ltd
Citation: International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 40(31), 9733-9746
Abstract: Abstract Heat exchanger design plays a significant role in the performance of solid state hydrogen storage device. In the present study, a cylindrical hydrogen storage device with an embedded annular heat exchanger tube with radial circular copper fins, is considered. A 3-D mathematical model of the storage device is developed to investigate the sorption performance of metal hydride (MH). A prototype of the device is fabricated for 1 kg of MH alloy, LaNi<inf>5</inf>, and tested at constant supply pressure of hydrogen, validating the simulation results. Absorption characteristics of storage device have been examined by varying different operating parameters such as hydrogen supply pressure and cooling fluid temperature and velocity. Absorption process is completed in 18 min when these parameters are 15 bar, 298 K and 1 m/s respectively. A study of geometric parameters of copper fins (such as perforation, number and thickness of fin) has been carried out to investigate their effects on absorption process. � 2015 Hydrogen Energy Publications, LLC.
ISSN: 3603199
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