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Title: On the steady flow produced in fluid-particle suspension by an infinite rotating disk with surface suction
Authors: Sankara, K.K.
Sarma, L.V.K.V.
Keywords: gas solid
DISKS - Rotating
FLUID MECHANICS - Mathematical Models
Issue Date: 1985
Citation: International Journal of Engineering Science, 23(8), 875-886
Abstract: The steady flow of a fluid-particle suspension over an infinite rotating disk with uniform suction is considered. The equations of motion are reduced to ordinary differential equations by similarity transformations and solved numerically by using a least-squares finite-element method. Some typical results for both fluid and particle phases and density distributions of the particles are presented graphically for the suction parameter A = 3.0 in order to illustrate some interesting features of the solutions. It is observed that the radial velocity of the particle attains its maximum on the surface of the disk and the particles slip in the tangential direction on the disk. The magnitudes of the radial velocity components of both the fluid and particle phases are found to decrease rapidly as suction increases. ? 1985.
ISSN: 207225
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