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Title: Solid state reaction between dichromates and oxalates
Authors: Suba, K.
Udupa, M.R.
Keywords: Potassium Compounds--Chemical Reactions
Sodium Compounds--Chemical Reactions
Spectroscopy, Infrared
X-ray Analysis
X-ray Diffraction Studies
Chromium Compounds
Issue Date: 1989
Publisher: Kluwer Academic Publishers
Citation: Journal of Thermal Analysis, 35(4), 1197-1203
Abstract: The thermal investigation of the reaction taking place between dichromates and oxalates in the solid state has been done taking two systems of potassium dichromate-potassium oxalate and sodium dichromate-sodium oxalate. The techniques employed include thermogravimetry, differential thermal analysis, infrared spectroscopy and X-ray diffraction studies. The results indicate a stoichiometric reaction of dichromate and oxalate in 1:1 ratio to give the corresponding chromate as the sole product. ? 1989 Wiley Heyden Ltd., Chichester and Akad�miai Kiad�, Budapest.
ISSN: 3684466
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