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Title: A Note on ?Task Allocation and Scheduling Models for Multiprocessor Digital Signal Processing?
Authors: Krishnan, C.S.R.
Louis Piriyakumar, D.A.
Ram Murthy, C.S.
Keywords: Algorithms; Graph theory; Integer programming; Mathematical models; Multiprocessing systems; Optimization; Scheduling; Telecommunication links; Contention; Schedules; Task allocation; Task scheduling; Digital signal processing
Issue Date: 1995
Citation: IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing, 43(3), 802-805
Abstract: Recently, a branch and bound algorithm for task allocation or task scheduling in multiprocessor digital signal processing based on 0-1 integer programming was proposed by Konstantinides et al. This algorithm does not consider the problem of contention in the communication links of a multiprocessor system and thus may produce unrealistic schedules. We present here a modified version of this algorithm that resolves the problem of contention, thereby producing realistic optimal schedules. ? 1995 IEEE
ISSN: 1053587X
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