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Title: The design and flow control of a high speed, integrated, packet switched network
Authors: Thilakam, R.K.
Jhunjhunwala, A.
Keywords: Computer networks
Computer simulation
Control systems
Flow control
Packet switching
Telecommunication traffic
Broadband integrated services data network
High speed packet switch
Voice/data communication systems
Issue Date: 1992
Citation: Computer Networks and ISDN Systems, 25(3), 241-257
Abstract: This paper proposes a packet switched broadband integrated network, for multi-rate services such as voice and data. A novel design of a high speed packet switch capable of catering to voice and data traffic is described. Some sources of traffic bottle-necks are identified, and methods of clearing the bottle-necks through flow control techniques are discussed. The design and flow control parameters are obtained through simulation, and the results are presented. The performance of the network and the packet switch is evaluated for various traffic characteristics through a second simulation, and the results are briefly presented.
ISSN: 1697552
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