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Title: Optical studies on some dyes for liquid solar concentrators
Authors: Kondepudi, R.
Srinivasan, S.
Keywords: Aromatic Compounds--Stability; Dyes and Dyeing--Luminescence; Fluorescence--Intensity; Liquids--Luminescence; Solar Cells--Materials; Dyes Photostability; Liquid Polymers; Liquid Solar Concentrators; Luminescent Solar Concentrators; Xanthane Group Dyes; Solar Radiation
Issue Date: 1990
Citation: Solar Energy Materials, 20(3), 257-263
Abstract: Spectral characteristics of some luminescent dyes, derivatives of xanthene and benzoxazinone groups, in a liquid polymer matrix, Triton x-100, have been studied. It is seen that Triton x-100 could serve as a suitable liquid matrix for the luminescent solar concentrators (LSCs). ? 1990.
ISSN: 1651633
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