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Title: Transport and magnetic properties of sheet poly metallo phthalocyanines (poly M Pcs)(MCu, Ni)
Authors: Anasuya, M.V.
Natarajan, T.S.
Rangarajan, G.
Venkatachalam, S.
Manoharan, P.T.
Keywords: Organic Compounds--Transport Properties; Phthalocyanines; Polymers
Issue Date: 1991
Citation: Solid State Communications, 77(9), 661-665
Abstract: Measurements of dc electrical conductivity, �, thermopower, S and magnetic susceptibility, ? on poly metallo phthalocyanines ([MPcs]n) (MCu,Ni) before heat treatment (I[MPc]n) and after heat treatment (II[MPc]n) are reported. � at room temperature (RT) for I[MPc]n is of the order of 10-9 ( � at RT for II[CuPc]n is 0.4 ( and drops by three orders of magnitude as the temperature is decreased to 50K while for II[NiPc]n, � drops from 10-4 ( RT to 5*10-6 ( at 200K. S at 240K is 11microV/K for II[CuPc]n and 105microV/K for II[NiPc]n. Both the polymers have a positive thermopower in the temperature range of our measurements. The temperature dependence of � is in accordance with that expected for variable range hopping of carriers in 3-dimensions (VRH 3D) for II[CuPc]n and that expected for VRH of carriers in 2-dimensions (VRH 2D) for II[NiPc]n. S varies linearly with temperature for II[NiPc]n. For II[CuPc]n a sub-linear temperature dependence of S is observed. ? at 300K for I[NiPc]n is diamagnetic and for II[NiPc]n is paramagnetic. ? at 300K for both I and II[CuPc]n are paramagnetic. ? for both the II[MPc]n are temperature independent from 350K down to 120K and show a Curie like behaviour at lower temperatures. ? 1991.
ISSN: 381098
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