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Title: Superconductivity studies on the MTlSrCaCuO (M = Rate Earth, Sc, Y, Pb, Bi, Th) system
Authors: Thomas, K.A.
Varadaraju, U.V.
Subba Rao, G.V.
Tomy, C.V.
Malik, S.K.
Keywords: High Temperature Superconductors--Transition Temperature; Oxides--Superconductivity; Rare Earth Compounds; Superconductivity--Composition Effects; Mixed Thallium - Copper Oxides; Oxide Superconductors; Superconducting Materials
Issue Date: 1990
Citation: Materials Research Bulletin, 25(4), 465-476
Abstract: Studies on MTl2 Sr2 Ca2 Cu3 Oy (M = Rare Earth, Y, Sc, Pb, Bi and Th) show that superconductivity in the range 40-77K can be achieved in this system depending on the M-ion. The minimum amount of rare earth required to show a Tc ? 70K appears to be 25 mole percent. X-ray studies confirm the single phase material responsible for high Tc superconductivity to be 1212 type. It appears that Pb, Bi and Th substitute at the Tl- site whereas the rare earths, Y and Sc prefer the Ca- site. ? 1990.
ISSN: 255408
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