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Title: Superconductivity studies on TlMBaCuO (M = Ce, Th, Pr, Tb, Pb, and Te) system
Authors: Thomas, K.A.
Varadaraju, U.V.
Rao, G.V.S.
Tomy, C.V.
Malik, S.K.
Issue Date: 1990
Citation: Journal of Solid State Chemistry, 88(1), 177-182
Abstract: Superconductivity with a Tc,zero at 75 � 1 K has been observed in TlMBaCuO (M = Ce, Th) system for a starting nominal composition of Tl2.2M1Ba2Cu3Oy. X-ray data show that the compounds are multiphasic with the 2201 phase as the predominant one which is responsible for superconductivity. Lower Tc values are noted for M = Pr and Tb. Only metallic behavior is observed for pure Tl2Ba2Cu1Oy and M = Pb or (Pb + Sb) or Te containing phases down to 15 K. ? 1990.
ISSN: 224596
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