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Title: Single crystal EPR study of VO2+ in LiCsSO4
Authors: Ananth, K.M.
Manoharan, P.T.
Issue Date: 1993
Citation: Journal of Physics and Chemistry of Solids, 54(7), 835-843
Abstract: A detailed single crystal EPR study of VO2+ in LiCsSO4 (LCS) has been carried out from room temperature down to 133 K. The room temperature EPR analysis indicates that VO2+ substitutes for the Cs atom and that there are six magnetically inequivalent Cs+ sites. The charge compensation takes place in two different ways. For two of the sites the charge compensation occurs by removal of a neighbouring Cs atom at a distance of �4.5 �; whereas for the other four magnetically inequivalent sites the charge compensation is due to removal of a neighbouring Li atom at a distance of 3.5 � from it. The single crystal analysis yields the following spin-Hamiltonian parameters at room temperature: gXX = 1.987 � 0.002, gYY = 1.983 � 0.002, gZZ = 1.932 � 0.002; AXX = 7.8 � 0.2 mT, AYY = 7.4 � 0.2 mT, AZZ = 19.8 � 0.2 mT. Around 202 K there is a ferroelastic phase transition evidenced by the presence of two chemically inequivalent sites. ? 1993.
ISSN: 223697
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