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Title: Effect of oxide additives on T c behaviour of Bi2�1Sr1�93Ca0�97Cu2O8 system
Authors: Prabhu, P.S.
Varadaraju, U.V.
Keywords: Composition; Composition effects; Degradation; Electric conductivity; High temperature superconductors; Low temperature operations; Magnetic permeability; Oxide superconductors; Oxides; Sintering; Superconducting transition temperature; X ray diffraction; Additive effects; Mole; Oxide additives; Single phase; Additives
Issue Date: 1994
Publisher: Springer India
Citation: Bulletin of Materials Science, 17(6), 615-624
Abstract: We have carried out studies on the effect of oxide additives (Ca0�85Sr0�15CuO2, BaBiO3 and BaPbO3) on Bi-2212. Compositions up to 6 mole% of all the additives have been prepared and characterized by XRD, resistivity and ac susceptibility techniques. XRD studies indicate that all the materials are single phase. Resistivity and ac susceptibility studies indicate enhanced granular behaviour with the oxide additives. Low temperature (400�) sintering results in degradation of the Bi-2212 phase in the presence of the additives. ? 1994 Indian Academy of Sciences.
ISSN: 2504707
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