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Title: Crystal and molecular structure of dimeric bis[N,N-di-n-propyldithiocarbamato]zinc(II) and the study of exchange-coupled copper(II)-copper(II) pairs in its lattice
Authors: Sreehari, N.
Varghese, B.
Manoharan, P.T.
Issue Date: 1990
Citation: Inorganic Chemistry, 29(20), 4011-4015
Abstract: The crystal and molecular structure of dimeric bis[N,N-di-n-propyldithiocarbamato]zinc(II) at room temperature has been determined. There are two molecular dimeric units in a monoclinic cell, a = 12.156 (7) �, b = 14.488 (9) �, c = 12.506 (8) �, ? = 111.50 (3)�, with space group P21. In the dimeric unit the zinc atoms share sulfur atoms and each zinc atom is coordinated with five sulfur atoms in a distorted trigonal-bipyramidal environment. The two zinc atoms in the dimeric unit are separated by a distance of 3.786 A. The triplet-state EPR studies of copper(II)-copper(II) pairs in this lattice indicate that the nature of isotropic exchange coupling is ferromagnetic with a magnitude of +13 cm-1 and that the host lattice undergoes contraction at lower temperatures. The exact magnitude of exchange coupling was derived by an analysis of the EPR signal intensities of half-field transitions (?Ms = �2). ? 1990 American Chemical Society.
ISSN: 201669
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