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Title: Performance of GaAs microbridge thermocouple infrared detectors
Authors: Chong, N.
Srinivas, T.A.S.
Ahmed, H.
Keywords: Computer simulation
Electric measuring bridges
Heat transfer
Mathematical models
Semiconducting gallium arsenide
Sensitivity analysis
Infrared detectors
Issue Date: 1997
Citation: Journal of Microelectromechanical Systems, 6(2), 136-141
Abstract: GaAs microbridge thermocouples with lengths ranging from 40 to 650 ?m and operating at room temperature have been fabricated for the detection of infrared radiation. A CO 2 laser of a 10.6-?m wavelength was used to characterize the performance of the detectors in air and in vacuum. A responsivity of 4.2 V/W with a corresponding detectivity D* = 8 ? 10 6 cm Hz 1/2/W and a time constant of 2.2 ms have been measured in vacuum for 650-?m-long bridges, and a shorter time constant of 50 ?s was obtained for 40-?m-long bridges. An analytic thermal transport model has been used to simulate the operation of the sensors. The heat-transfer coefficient has been evaluated by comparing the data from air and vacuum measurements. The spectral response and the absorbance of the microbridge have also been presented.
ISSN: 10577157
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