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Title: Fixed-point error analysis of discrete wigner-ville distribution
Authors: Prabhu, K.M.M.
Shanmuga Sundaram, R.
Keywords: Algorithms
Computer simulation
Digital filters
Error analysis
Time domain analysis
Hilbert transformer
Noise to signal ratio
Short time Fourier transform
Wigner-Ville distribution
Signal processing
Issue Date: 1997
Citation: IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing, 45(10), 2579-2582
Abstract: The Wigner-Ville distribution (WVD) has been a powerful signal processing tool for time-frequency signal analysis. Consequently, many algorithms have been proposed in the literature for computing the WVD in real-time applications. However, Boashash has proposed and showed that the evaluation of the analytic signal using the time-domain approach, and involving the Hilbert transformer, is the most efficient algorithm for real-time applications. In this correspondence, a flxed-point error analysis of this algorithm has been carried out. The theoretical noise-to-signal ratio (NSR) is derived and verified through simulation. The results indicate that for this algorithm, the NSR increases by 0.5 bit/stage, whereas for the other algorithms, it increases by 1 bit/stage. l ?1997 IEEE.
ISSN: 1053587X
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