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Title: Optimal soft starting of voltage-controller-fed IM drive based on voltage across thyristor
Authors: Sastry, V.V.
Prasad, M.R.
Svakumar, T.V.
Keywords: Computer simulation
Computer software
Electric current control
Graphic methods
Induction motors
Voltage control
Software package Design Star
Software package SABER
Voltage controlled fed induction motor (IM) drives
Electric drives
Issue Date: 1997
Citation: IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics, 12(6), 1041-1051
Abstract: AC voltage controllers are used as induction motor starters in fan or pump drives and the crane hoist drives. This paper presents a method of identifying the end of soft start of an ac voltage-controller-fed induction motor (IM) drive based on the voltage across the nonconducting thyristor through a dynamic simulation of the whole drive system. A two point current minimization technique is adopted to operate the drive system at the required optimal voltage under all operating conditions. This minimizes the motor losses. Graphic modeling of the whole drive system is done in a modular format using Design Star and dynamic simulation is done using SABER. The dynamic simulation results of the whole drive system are supported with experimental data.
ISSN: 8858993
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