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Title: Transient thermal analysis of induction motors
Authors: Rajagopal, M.S.
Seetharamu, K.N.
Ashwathnarayana, P.A.
Keywords: Finite element method
Heat transfer coefficients
Machine design
Mathematical models
Thermal effects
Galerkin's weighted residual technique
Machine reliability
Totally enclosed fan cooled (TEFC) machines
Transient thermal behavior
Squirrel cage motors
Issue Date: 1998
Citation: IEEE Transactions on Energy Conversion, 13(1), 62-69
Abstract: Induction machines transient thermal analysis has been a subject of interest for machine designers in their effort to improve machine reliability and in rotor design optimisation. The study of transient thermal behavior is useful to identify causes of failure in induction machines. This paper presents a two dimensional transient analysis of induction machines using the available heat transfer coefficients in literature. A generalised finite element code developed with Galerkin's weighted residual technique is used for analysis. The model is applied to one squirrel cage TEFC machine of 3.7 kW and another surface cooled machine of 5.7 kW. The predicted temperatures compare well with test results. The advantages and limitations of this model are discussed. ? 1997 IEEE.
ISSN: 8858969
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