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Title: Design analysis of permanent magnet D.C.motors with differing armature, magnet and yoke lengths
Authors: Yegna Narayanan, S.S.
Anandakumaran Nair, K.R.
Narayanan, V.
Keywords: Electric commutation
Equivalent circuits
Finite element method
Machine windings
Magnetic circuits
Permanent magnets
Armature length
Yoke length
DC motors
Issue Date: 1998
Citation: IEEE Transactions on Energy Conversion, 13(1), 55-61
Abstract: A modified magnetic circuit method and a 2-d finite element procedure are presented here for the analysis of d.c. permanent magnet motors with differing armature, magnet and yoke lengths including non linear material behavior of steel and permanent magnet A 12 volt, 120 watts motor is analyzed through these methods and compared with experimental results of a prototype sample. In case of finite element analysis, commutation effects and short chording of armature winding are treated appropriately and cogging torque and voltage ripple are predicted. ? 1997 IEEE.
ISSN: 8858969
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