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Title: Analysis of a soliton-based logic module for a ring network
Authors: Saxena, S.
Wai, P.K.A.
Menyuk, C.R.
Chbat, M.W.
Keywords: Computer simulation
Light propagation
Logic gates
Packet switching
Partial differential equations
Phase modulation
Sensitivity analysis
Code matching logic module
Cross phase modulation
Soliton based ring network system
Telecommunication networks
Issue Date: 1996
Citation: Journal of Lightwave Technology, 14(8), 1776-1787
Abstract: We analyze and numerically study the code-matching logic module that is the central element in a proposed soliton-based ring network system running at peak rates of 100 Gb/s. The proposed network is packet-switched, and fast logic is required to route each packet. That is the function of the code-matching logic module, and four soliton logic gates that can perform fast logic are the key devices in its design. The behavior of the code-matching logic module is governed by a large set of parameters, and we simulate it by varying many of these parameters. The physical effects that occur in these devices and their significance are analyzed. The results indicate that the logic module will work but within a restricted parameter range.
ISSN: 7338724
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