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Title: Nonlinear equalization of multipath fading channels with noncoherent demodulation
Authors: Masoomzadeh-Fard, A.
Pasuphaty, S.
Keywords: Algorithms
Computer simulation
Fading (radio)
Intersymbol interference
Mathematical models
Phase shift keying
Random processes
Signal detection
Signal receivers
Decision feedback equalization
Multipath fading channels
Noncoherent demodulation
Nonlinear equalization
Voltera series technique
Communication channels (information theory)
Issue Date: 1996
Citation: IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications, 14(3), 512-520
Abstract: A nonlinear decision-based adaptive equalizer compatible with differentially coherent phase shift keying (PSK) is proposed for frequency-selective fading channels. This equalization scheme is appropriate whenever conventional equalizers are not capable of tracking phase variations in selective fading channels. The received signal is first converted to a baseband signal and then sent through a differential detector. A nonlinear processor before the equalizer generates the needed nonlinear terms that are weighted and summed in the equalizer. Nonlinear intersymbol interference at the output of the differential detector is dealt with by minimizing an error signal between the output of the equalizer and the detected data. The adaptation algorithm can be any algorithm currently used for conventional equalizers. Our simulation results confirm that for channels with spectral nulls, equalization is achieved successfully with the proposed scheme, whereas, linear equalizers, either with coherent or noncoherent detection, fail.
ISSN: 7338716
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