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Title: 12 GHz clocked operation of ultralow power interband resonant tunneling diode pipelined logic gates
Authors: Williamson III, W.
Enquist, S.B.
Chow, D.H.
Dunlap, H.L.
Subramaniam, S.
Lei, P.
Bernstein, G.H.
Gilbert, B.K.
Keywords: Diode logic circuits
Electric losses
Gates (transistor)
Integrated circuit layout
Schottky barrier diodes
Tunnel diodes
Resonant interband tunneling diodes (RITD)
Logic gates
Issue Date: 1997
Citation: IEEE Journal of Solid-State Circuits, 32(2), 222-230
Abstract: We report on the successful demonstration of a functionally complete set of logic gates based on resonant interband tunneling diodes (RITD's) with a maximum operating frequency in excess of 12 GHz. At this high frequency of operation, the power dissipation is remarkably low - on the order of 0.5 mW per gate. The circuits for all gates, AND, OR, XOR, and INV, shared the same layout geometry, consisting of two Schottky diodes and three RITD's. Logical functionality was determined solely by varying the relative areas of the devices.
ISSN: 189200
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