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Title: 0.98-μm multiple-quantum-well tunneling injection laser with 98-GHz intrinsic modulation bandwidth
Authors: Zhang, X.
Gutierrez-Aitken, A.
Klotzkin, D.
Bhattacharya, P.
Caneau, C.
Bhat, R.
Keywords: Electric impedance measurement
Electron tunneling
Light modulation
Quantum well lasers
Semiconducting gallium arsenide
Differential transmission spectroscopy (DTS)
High speed lasers
Injection lasers
Issue Date: 1997
Citation: IEEE Journal on Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics, 3(2), 309-314
Abstract: We demonstrate GaAs-based 0.98-/spl mu/m multiple-quantum-well (MQW) tunneling injection lasers with ultrahigh-modulation bandwidths. Electrons are injected into the active region via tunneling, leading to a "cold" carrier distribution in the quantum wells (QWs). The tunneling time (2 pS) measured by time resolved differential transmission spectroscopy agrees with the capture time extracted form the electrical impedance measurement. The tunneling barrier prevents electrons from going over the active region into the opposite cladding layer. The carrier escape time in tunneling injection lasers is larger than that in conventional QW lasers. Enhanced differential gain, minimized gain compression and improved high frequency performance have been achieved. The -3-dB modulation bandwidth is 48 GHz and the maximum intrinsic modulation bandwidth is as high as 98 GHz.
ISSN: 1077260X
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