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Title: Yield function for metal powder compaction based on micromechanics of particle deformation
Authors: PavanaChand, Ch.
KrishnaKumar, R.
Keywords: Calculations
Composite micromechanics
Density (specific gravity)
Finite element method
Particle deformation
Relative density
Shima yield function
Two dimensional
Powder metals
Issue Date: 1996
Citation: Scripta Materialia, 35(6), 767-772
Abstract: A new method based on the micromechanics of powder particle deformation for evaluating the yield function parameters is attempted. 2D particles in close packed arrangements with two different starting relative densities are considered. These unit cells are studied under plane strain conditions for basic densification response using Large Strain elasto-plastic Finite Element Analysis. Macroscopic values of stresses and the relative densities are recorded for different loading paths. Within the basic form of Shima's yield function these material parameters are computed. The yield function parameters thus computed are found to be in good agreement with the experimental results reported on copper powder. # Author to whom all the correspondence should be addressed.
ISSN: 13596462
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