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Title: Hydrogen solubility and thermodynamics of hydrogen absorption in palladium-rich binary Pd1-xZx and ternary Pd1-x-yZxZy? solid solution alloys
Authors: Weiss, A.
Ramaprabhu, S.
Rajalakshmi, N.
Issue Date: 1997
Citation: Zeitschrift fur Physikalische Chemie, 199(2), 165-212
Abstract: A review is given of the effects of alloying Pd with a substitutional metal (Z) on the hydrogen solubility and the thermodynamics of hydrogen absorption at infinite dilution. A large volume of thermodynamic data on Pd1-xZx-H systems have been analysed by classifying the binary Pd1-xZx alloys based on the effective valency of the substitutional metal, which results in the finding that the interaction energy EZ-H is a more dominant factor than the size rh of the octahedral interstitial hole in determining the hydrogen solubility. Recent years have witnessed hydrogen solubility studies on ternary Pd1-x-yZxZy? alloys, which are discussed. The effect of alloying of Pd with a substitutional metal Z on the plateau pressure P�? is also presented. ? by R. Oldenbourg Verlag, M�nchen 1997.
ISSN: 9429352
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