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Title: Analysis of Commutation of a Current Inverter Feeding an Induction Motor Load
Authors: Subrahmanyam, V.
Yuvarajan, S.
Ramaswami, B
Issue Date: 1980
Citation: IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications,IA-16 (3)332-341
Abstract: A method for analyzing the performance of an induction motor fed from a current source inverter and especially for computing the currents during commutation of the inverter is presented. A mathematical model of an inverter-fed induction motor is given in termsof Park's vector. Based on this model a closed form time domain expression is developed for the current during commutation. The stator voltage of a current-controlled inverter-fed induction motor is shown to be almost sinusoidal with superimposed spikes during commutation of current. The computed performance of the machine is verified experimentally, and there is a very close agreement between the computed and test results. The method presented also provides information regarding the voltages across the commutating capacitors and thyristors based on which proper selection of the thyristors and commutating capacitors can be made. Copyright ? 1980 by The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc.
ISSN: 939994
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