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Title: Thermodynamics and stability of dissolved hydrogen in pd rich binary Pd1-xZx and ternary Pd1-x-yZxZy? solid solution alloys
Authors: Ramaprabhu, S.
Keywords: Palladium alloys
Solid solutions
Dissolved hydrogen
Issue Date: 1998
Citation: International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 23(9), 787-796
Abstract: The relative chemical potential of the dissolved hydrogen (??0 H) and the partial pair interaction free energies, gP H?Z, and (gP H?Z/Z)average respectively, in Pd based Pd1 - xZx-H and Pd1 - x - yZxZ?y-H systems are correlated to the stability of the dissolved hydrogen in the octahedral interstitial sites by classifying the Pd1 - xZx alloys based on the "effective valence, ns" of the substitutional metals. From the dependence of ??0 H on the lattice constant of the alloy, (a0)alloy, and of gP H?Z ((gP H?Z/Z?)average) on the ionic diameter of the substituent metal, dZ, ((dZ/Z?)average) for systems Pd1 - xZx-H (Pd1 - x - yZxZ?y-H), the exceptional behavior of the binary "expanded" alloys Pd1 - xZx (Z = Nb, Ta and Pt), the binary "contracted" Pd1 - xZx alloys (Z = Ti and Li) and the ternary "contracted" alloys Pd0.903Er0.078Cu0.019 and Pd1 - 2xAgxNix towards hydrogen absorption is explained. ? 1998 International Association for Hydrogen Energy.
ISSN: 3603199
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