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Title: 57FE mössbauer investigations on the hydrogenated compounds of Dy0.73Tb0.27Fe1.5Co0.5
Authors: Kishore, S.
Markandeyulu, G.
Rama Rao, K.V.S.
Das, T.P.
Keywords: Crystal lattices
Crystal orientation
Crystalline materials
Electric field effects
Mossbauer spectroscopy
Thermal effects
Rhombohedral distortions
Spin orientation transitions
Dysprosium alloys
Issue Date: 1997
Citation: Solid State Communications, 104(12), 735-740
Abstract: The results of 57Fe Mössbauer investigations carried out on the hydrogenated compounds of Dy0.73Tb0.27Fe1.5Co0.5 are presented. A change in the temperature range of the [1 0 0]-[1 1 1] spin reorientation transition from 200-290 K in Dy0.73Tb0.27Fe1.5Co0.5 to 100-150 K in Dy0.73Tb0.27Fe1.5Co0.5H 0.5 is attributed to changes in the crystalline electric field (CEF) effects resulting from the increase in rhombohedral distortions due to the orientational ordering of hydrogen atoms in the lattice. The variations in hyperfine field and isomer shift are also discussed. ? 1997 Elsevier Science Ltd.
ISSN: 381098
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