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Title: Hydrogen absorption studies in Zr0.2Tb0.8Co3 and decrepitation and cyclic stabilities in Zr0.2Tb0.8Co3 and ZrMnFe
Authors: Arun, C.
Ramaprabhu, S.
Keywords: Absorption
Substitution reactions
Hydrogenation dehydrogenation cycle
Partial replacement effect
Pressure composition isotherm
Zirconium manganese iron alloy
Zirconium terbium cobalt alloy
Zirconium alloys
Issue Date: 1997
Citation: Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 259(Feb.), 254-259
Abstract: Pressure-composition isotherms have been determined for a Zr0.2Tb0.8Co3 alloy in the ranges 10�P (mbar)�900 and 75�T (�C)�200. The hydrogen absorption study shows that the substitution of Zr for Tb in TbCo3 results in the shift of the plateau region to higher equilibrium pressures with a reduction in the hydrogen capacity. An X-ray study on the hydrogenated Zr0.2Tb0.8Co3 alloy reveals that the alloy does not decompose upon hydrogenation. Particle size measurements in Zr0.2Tb0.8Co3 and ZrMnFe alloys before and after hydrogenation show that the decrepitation in Zr0.2Tb0.8Co3 is far less than that in the much harder material ZrMnFe. A plateau pressure of near 1 bar at a temperature suitable for practical applications can be conveniently obtained by appropriate replacement of Tb by Zr in TbCo3. ? 1997 Elsevier Science S.A.
ISSN: 9258388
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