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Title: 63Cu NQR and structural studies of complexes formed between Cu(I) halides and tris(o-methoxyphenyl)- or tris(p-tolyl)phosphine ligands
Authors: Ramaprabhu, S.
Amstutz, N.
Lucken, E.A.C.
Bernardinelli, G.
Issue Date: 1998
Citation: Zeitschrift fur Naturforschung - Section A Journal of Physical Sciences, 53(July), 625-629
Abstract: The crystal structure of [tri(o-methoxyphenyl)phosphine]2Cu2Br2 shows it to be a halogen-bridged dimer with three-coordinated Cu(I) sites. The 63Cu NQR frequency of the corresponding chloride indicates that it has a similar structure. The 63Cu NQR frequencies of the complexes of tri(p-tolyl)phosphine, L3Cu2X2, with cuprous chloride and bromide are consistent with their having halogen-bridged structures with both three- and four-coordinated Cu(I) sites analogous to those formed by triphenylphosphine and tri(m-tolyl)phosphine. Cu(I) sites. [CuBr(P(C7H7O)3]2; Triclinic, P 1, Z=2, a=8.969(1). b=10.510(2), c=11.428(2) �, �=99.46(1), ?=97.95(1), ?=104.17(1)�, R=3.5%, R?=2.2%.
ISSN: 9320784
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