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Title: Catalase and epoxidation activity of polynuclear manganese(III)-Schiff base complexes
Authors: Krishnan, R.
Vancheesan, S.
Keywords: 1,2 diaminopropane
2,5 dihydroxyterephthalaldehyde
aldehyde derivative
cyclohexene derivative
hydrogen peroxide
manganese derivative
n,n dimethylformamide
poly(2,5 dihydroxyterephthalaldehyde ethylenediamine diprotonated)
poly(2,5 dihydroxyterephthalaldehyde propyldiamine diprotonated)
schiff base
unclassified drug
aqueous solution
chemical reaction
complex formation
Issue Date: 1999
Citation: Journal of Molecular Catalysis A: Chemical, 142(3), 377-382
Abstract: Polynucleating Schiff base ligands, poly(2,5- dihydroxyterephthalaldehyde ethylenediamine diprotonated) (PdhterenH 2) and poly(2,5-dihydroxyterephthalaldehyde propyldiamine diprotonated) (PdhterpnH 2) were synthesized by condensation reactions of 2,5- dihydroxyterephthalaldehyde (dhterH 2) with ethylenediamine and propylenediamine, respectively. Insoluble polynuclear manganese(III)-Schiff base complexes, [Mn(n)(Pdhteren)(OAc)(n)] 1 and [Mn(n)(Pdhterpn)(OAc)(n)] 2 were prepared by refluxing manganese(III)-acetate and the respective polymeric Schiff bases in ethanol. The catalase activity of these complexes were studied in aqueous, dimethylformamide and methanol medium. These complexes catalyze the epoxidation of cyclohexene with H 2O 2 in the presence of imidazole.
ISSN: 13811169
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