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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1995HMTTEF.C60-A 2-D close-packed layered compound of C60Singh, K.K.; Pradeep, T.; Sinha, A.P.B.; Morris, D.E.; Hriljac, J.A.
1995Chemical constitution of a perfluoropolyether liquid surface. A photoelectron spectroscopic studyPradeep, T.
1995Concerted hydrogen rearrangement in nickelocenium cation and the formation of NiH2 ?+Pradeep, T.; Patrick, J.S.; Feng, B.; Miller, S.A.; Ast, T.; Cooks, R.G.
1994Reactions of ions with organic surfacesCooks, R.G.; Ast, T.; Pradeep, T.; Wysocki, V.
1994Low-energy collisions of group IIIA, IVA, VA, VIA, and VIIA ions with fluoroalkyl SAM surfaces: Reactions, chemical sputtering, and mechanistic implicationsPradeep, T.; Ast, T.; Cooks, R.G.; Feng, B.
1998Gas-phase C-F bond cleavage in perfluorohexane using W-, Si-, P-, Br-, and I-containing ions: Comparisons with reactions at fluorocarbon surfacesPatrick, J.S.; Pradeep, T.; Luo, H.; Ma, S.; Cooks, R.G.
1997Infrared spectroscopic study of the structural transitions of C60Br24Resmi, M.R.; George, L.; Singh, S.; Pradeep, T.; Udaya Sankar, K.
1998Tilted orientation of molecular chains at the surface of a series of perfluoropolyether liquids: An X-ray photoelectron spectroscopic investigationBindu, V.; Smitha, K.; Pradeep, T.
1998Characterisation of alkanethiol (CnH2n+1SH, n = 3, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 and 18) self assembled monolayers by X-ray photoelectron spectroscopyBindu, V.; Pradeep, T.
1997Thermal decomposition of C60B24 and C60Br8: Absence of sequential eliminationResmi, M.R.; Smitha, K.; Pradeep, T.