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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1998Synthesis and leachability studies of NZP and eulytine phasesSugantha, M.; Kumar, N.R.S.; Varadaraju, U.V.
1996Physico-chemical and catalytic properties of gamma-irradiated lanthanum nickelate (LaNiO3)Srinivas, B.; Rao, V.R.S.
1989Ortho effects in organic molecules on electron impact. 20. Parallel oxygen transfers from nitro group to sulfur and acetylenic triple bond in 3-(o-nitrophenylthio)-1-propynesRamana, D.V.; Rama Krishna, N.V.S.
1989Determination of isoniazid in pharmaceutical preparations by reaction with radiochloramine-BSubhashini, M.; Subramanian, M.S.; Rao, V.R.S.
1988Radical cyclisation of 4-(o-bromophenoxy)-2H-1-benzopyrans; an efficient synthesis of pterocarpansGopalsamy, A.; Balasubramanian, K.K.
2000Picosecond optical nonlinearity in monolayer-protected gold, silver, and gold-silver alloy nanoclustersPhilip, R.; Kumar, G.R.; Sandhyarani, N.; Pradeep, T.
2001Determination of cyanide by an indirect spectrophotometric method using formaldehyde and 3-methyl-2-benzothiazolinone hydrazoneGeetha, K.; Balasubramanian, N.
2001Lattice-dictated conformers in bis(pyrazolyl)pyridine-based iron(II)complexes: M´┐Żssbauer, NMR, and magnetic studiesManikandan, P.; Padmakumar, K.; Justin Thomas, K.R.; Varghese, B.; Onodera, H.; Manoharan, P.T.
1999Catalase and epoxidation activity of polynuclear manganese(III)-Schiff base complexesKrishnan, R.; Vancheesan, S.
2002Polynuclear manganese complexes catalyzed epoxidation of olefins with molecular oxygenKrishnan, R.; Vancheesan, S.