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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1999Electron paramagnetic resonance study of X-irradiated tri-coordinated copper(I) complexesRamaprabhu, S.
1999Electrochemical investigation of YxZr1-x,Mnm,FenCopV oCrq(m+n+o+p+q=2) electrode for Ni-MH battery applicationRajalakshmi, N.; Dhathathreyan, K.S.; Ramaprabhu, S.
2003The effect of non-stoichiometry on the hydrogen storage properties of Ti-substituted AB2 alloysKandavel, M.; Ramaprabhu, S.
2005Synthesis of multi-walled carbon nanotubes in high yield using Mm based AB2 alloy hydride catalysts and the effect of purification on their hydrogen adsorption propertiesShaijumon, M.M.; Rajalakshmi, N.; Ryu, H.; Ramaprabhu, S.
2005Studies of hydrogen dynamics and structural aspects of polymer dispersed and boron added MmNi3.5Al0.5Fe0.5Co 0.5Leela Mohana Reddy, A.; Ramaprabhu, S.
2005Diffusion of hydrogen interstitials in Zr based AB2 and mischmetal based AB5 alloysMani, N.; Ravi, N.; Ramaprabhu, S.
2004Effect of substitutional elements on hydrogen absorption properties in Mm-based AB5 alloysMani, N.; Ramaprabhu, S.
2003Investigation of MmFe2 electrode for nickel-metal hydride battery applicationsMuruganantham, R.; Rajalakshmi, N.; Dhathathreyan, K.S.; Ramaprabhu, S.
2004Effect of electroless coating of Cu, Ni and Pd on ZrMn0.2V 0.2Fe0.8Ni0.8 alloy used as anodes in Ni-MH batteriesParimala, R.; Ananth, M.V.; Ramaprabhu, S.; Raju, M.
2003Synthesis of carbon nanotubes by pyrolysis of acetylene using alloy hydride materials as catalysts and their hydrogen adsorption studiesShaijumon, M.M.; Ramaprabhu, S.