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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1998Electrical and magnetic properties of pure and Li intercalated Bi1.7-xPbxV8O16 phasesRamakrishnan, P.A.; Sugantha, M.; Varadaraju, U.V.; Nagarajan, T.
1997Ionic conductivity of Li+ ion conductors Li2M3+M4+P3O12Sugantha, M.; Varadaraju, U.V.
1994Tc suppression and conduction mechanisms in Bi2.1Sr1.93Ca0.97-xRxCu2O8+y (R=Pr, Gd, and Er) systemsPrabhu, P.S.; Ramachandra Rao, M.S.; Varadaraju, U.V.; Subba Rao, G.V.
1995Suppression of superconductivity in the L1-xPrxBa1.7Sr0.3Cu3O7 (L=Yb and Lu) system: Observation of the hole localization effectBadri, V.; Varadaraju, U.V.
1995Observation of variable-range hopping up to 900 K in the YLaxBa2-xCu3O7- systemPonnambalam, V.; Varadaraju, U.V.
1993Influence of Cu-site substitution on the structure and superconducting properties of the NdBa2Cu3-xMxO7+� (M=Fe,Co) and NdBa2Cu3-xMxO7-� (M=Ni,Zn) systemsMary, T.A.; Kumar, N.R.S.; Varadaraju, U.V.
1995Synthesis of YBa2Cu3O7 through different gel routesRama Rao, G.V.; Surya Narayana, D.S.; Varadaraju, U.V.; Rao, G.V.N.; Venkadesan, S.
1995Thermodynamic stabilities of ternary oxides in the BaPbO system by the e.m.f. techniqueMallika, C.; Rama RaO, G.V.; Sreedharan, O.M.; Varadaraju, U.V.
1994Effect of 3d metal ion (Fe, Ni, Zn) substitution in REBa2(Cu3-xMx)O7 (RE=Sm, Dy)Sumana Prabhu, P.; Ramachandra Rao, M.S.; Varadaraju, U.V.
1994Synthesis of Ba0.6K0.4BiO3 and BaPb0.75Bi0.25O3 superconductors by sol-gel processRao, G.V.R.; Varadaraju, U.V.; Mannan, S.L.