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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2000Organochalcogenido-bridged dimeric 2-methylallylpalladium complexes: Synthesis, structure and their transformation into palladium chalcogenidesSinghal, A.; Jain, V.K.; Mishra, R.; Varghese, B.
2001First Asymmetric Synthesis of Quinoline Derivatives by Inverse Electron Demand (IED) Diels-Alder Reaction Using Chiral Ti(IV) ComplexSundararajan, G.; Prabagaran, N.; Varghese, B.
2001Lattice-dictated conformers in bis(pyrazolyl)pyridine-based iron(II)complexes: M�ssbauer, NMR, and magnetic studiesManikandan, P.; Padmakumar, K.; Justin Thomas, K.R.; Varghese, B.; Onodera, H.; Manoharan, P.T.
2001Copper(II) azide complexes of alipathic and aromatic amine based tridentate ligands: Novel structure, spectroscopy, and magnetic propertiesManikandan, P.; Muthukumaran, R.; Thomas, K.R.J.; Varghese, B.; Chandramouli, G.V.R.; Manoharan, P.T.
2001Synthesis of glycosyl phosphoramidates: Novel isosteric analogues of glycosyl phosphatesKannan, T.; Vinodhkumar, S.; Varghese, B.; Loganathan, D.
2001Synthesis and characterization of benzylselenolate complexes of palladium(II) and platinum(II)Dey, S.; Jain, V.K.; Varghese, B.
2002Stereoselective synthesis of a C-glycosylic compound (a "methyl C-glycoside") through a regioselective free-radical ring-opening reaction. A single-crystal X-ray structure determinationShanmugasundaram, B.; Varghese, B.; Balasubramanian, K.K.
2002The synthesis of new chiral rhodium complexes and their crystal structuresPhadnis, P.P.; Jain, V.K.; Varghese, B.
2000N-[2-(4-methoxyphenyltelluro)ethyl]phthalimide (L1): Synthesis, oxidation by ruthenium(III) chloride and ligation with ruthenium(II). Crystal structures of L1, its oxidized product and of [RuCl2(p-cymene)�L1]Singh, A.K.; Kadarkaraisamy, M.; Murthy, G.S.; Srinivas, J.; Varghese, B.; Butcher, R.J.
1999Synthesis and characterization of arsacycloalkanes and their palladium and platinum complexes, and X-ray structure of [PdCl2(PhAsCH2CH2CH2CH 2CH2)2]Garje, S.S.; Jain, V.K.; Varghese, B.