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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1994Thermodynamics of some long-chain biradicals studied by EPR spectroscopySankarapandi, S.; Rifkind, J.M.; Manoharan, P.T.
1998Superoxide produced in the heme pocket of the ?-chain of hemoglobin reacts with the ?-93 cysteine to produce a thiyl radicalBalagopalakrishna, C.; Abugo, O.O.; Horsky, J.; Manoharan, P.T.; Nagababu, E.; Rifkind, J.M.
1996Production of superoxide from hemoglobin-bound oxygen under hypoxic conditionsBalagopalakrishna, C.; Manoharan, P.T.; Abugo, O.O.; Rifkind, J.M.
1986Metal ion coordination in copper and nickel reconstituted hemoglobinsManoharan, P.T.; Alston, K.; Rifkind, J.M.
1989Interaction of copper(II) with hemoglobins in the unliganded conformationManoharan, P.T.; Alston, K.; Rifkind, J.M.
1989M´┐Żssbauer, EPR and NMR studies of the acid-induced reduction and changes in spin state of ferric bleomycinLevy, A.; Manoharan, P.T.; Rifkind, J.M.; Walker, J.C.; Haberle, F.C.; Kumar, N.G.; Glickson, J.D.; Elgavish, G.A.
1991The hypoxic stress on erythrocytes associated with superoxide formationRifkind, J.M.; Zhang, L.; Levy, A.; Manoharan, P.T.
1998Metal ion reconstituted hybrid hemoglobinsVenkatesh, B.; Manoharan, P.T.; Rifkind, J.M.
1999Fourier transform Raman approach to structural correlation in hemoglobin derivativesVenkatesh, B.; Ramasamy, S.; Mylrajan, M.; Asokan, R.; Manoharan, P.T.; Rifkind, J.M.
2012Internal spin trapping of thiyl radical during the complexation and reduction of cobalamin with glutathione and dithiothrietolRamasamy, S.; Kundu, T.K.; Antholine, W.; Manoharan, P.T.; Rifkind, J.M.