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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1995Structure and magnetism of an exchange coupled system: An NMR approachAsokan, A.; Manual, P.K.; Varghese, B.; Manoharan, P.T.
1995Crystal structure of [Aib-COCO-Aib]Cu2: A unique example of modular self-assemblyRanganathan, D.; Vaish, N.K.; Chandramouli, G.V.R.; Varghese, B.; Muthukumaran, R.B.; Manoharan, P.T.
1990Crystal and molecular structure of dimeric bis[N,N-di-n-propyldithiocarbamato]zinc(II) and the study of exchange-coupled copper(II)-copper(II) pairs in its latticeSreehari, N.; Varghese, B.; Manoharan, P.T.
1998A Novel Polymer of a Binuclear Nickel(II) Complex Bridged by 1,3-Diaminopropane: Structure and MagnetismAsokan, A.; Varghese, B.; Caneschi, A.; Manoharan, P.T.
1996Structure, characterisation and dynamics of copper(I) complexes of 2,6-bis(3,5-dimethylpyrazol-1-ylmethyl)pyridineManikandan, P.; Varghese, B.; Manoharan, P.T.
1998Ligand dynamics in tetracoordinate copper(I) complexes of bis(pyrazolyl)pyridine ligandsManikandan, P.; Subramoni, M.; Varghese, B.; Manoharan, P.T.
1989Crystal, molecular structure, and magnetic properties of bis(tetra-n-butylammonium)bis(4-(dicyanomethylene)-1,2-dimercaptocyclopent-1- ene-3,5-dionato-S,S?)cuprate(II), [n-Bu4N]2[Cu(dcmdtcroc)2]: A dimer with weak ferromagnetic couplingVenkatalakshmi, N.; Varghese, B.; Lalitha, S.; Williams, R.F.X.; Manoharan, P.T.
2001Lattice-dictated conformers in bis(pyrazolyl)pyridine-based iron(II)complexes: M´┐Żssbauer, NMR, and magnetic studiesManikandan, P.; Padmakumar, K.; Justin Thomas, K.R.; Varghese, B.; Onodera, H.; Manoharan, P.T.
2001Copper(II) azide complexes of alipathic and aromatic amine based tridentate ligands: Novel structure, spectroscopy, and magnetic propertiesManikandan, P.; Muthukumaran, R.; Thomas, K.R.J.; Varghese, B.; Chandramouli, G.V.R.; Manoharan, P.T.
1999Synthesis, structure, magnetic properties, and1H NMR studies of a moderately antiferromagnetically coupled binuclear copper(II) complexAsokan, A.; Varghese, B.; Manoharan, P.T.