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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Effect of prior microstructure on microstructure and mechanical properties of modified 9Cr-1Mo steel weld jointsDas, C.R.; Albert, S.K.; Bhaduri, A.K.; Srinivasan, G.; Murty, B.S.
2007Effect of prior heat treatment of base metal on the deformation behavior of heat affected zonesDas, C.R.; Bhaduri, A.K.; Albert, S.K.; Murty, B.S.
2011Characterization of ferrite in tempered martensite of modified 9Cr-1Mo steel using the electron backscattered diffraction techniqueDas, C.R.; Albert, S.K.; Bhaduri, A.K.; Murty, B.S.
2011Friction welding of titanium to 304L stainless steel using interlayers [Reibschwei´┐Żen von titan an nichtrostendem stahl 304L unter anwendung von zwischenschichten]Ashfaq, M.; Rao, K.P.; Rafi, H.K.; Murty, B.S.; Dey, H.C.; Bhaduri, A.K.
2012Transition of crack from type IV to type II resulting from improved utilization of boron in the modified 9Cr-1Mo steel weldmentDas, C.R.; Albert, S.K.; Swaminathan, J.; Raju, S.; Bhaduri, A.K.; Murty, B.S.
2012Understanding room temperature deformation behavior through indentation studies on modified 9Cr-1Mo steel weldmentsDas, C.R.; Albert, S.K.; Bhaduri, A.K.; Murty, B.S.
2011Study of deformation behavior of simulated inter-critical heat-affected zones of modified 9Cr-1Mo steelBhaduri, A.K.; Das, C.R.; Albert, S.K.; Klenk, A.; Murty, B.S.
2012Improvement in creep resistance of modified 9Cr-1Mo steel weldment by boron additionDas, C.R.; Albert, S.K.; Swaminathan, J.; Bhaduri, A.K.; Raj, B.; Murty, B.S.
2014Influence of welding process on Type IV cracking behavior of P91 steelDivya, M.; Das, C.R.; Albert, S.K.; Goyal, S.; Ganesh, P.; Kaul, R.; Swaminathan, J.; Murty, B.S.; Kukreja, L.M.; Bhaduri, A.K.