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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007Synthesis of Cu-W nanocomposite by high-energy ball millingVenugopal, T.; Prasad Rao, K.; Murty, B.S.
2010Production, kinetic study and properties of Fe-based glass and its compositesPrashanth, K.G .; Murty, B.S.
2010Mechanical activation of aluminothermic reduction of NiO by high energy ball millingUdhayabanu, V .; Singh, N .; Murty, B.S.
2010Synthesis of in-situ NiAl-Al2O3 nanocomposite by reactive milling and subsequent heat treatmentUdhayabanu, V.; Ravi, K.R.; Vinod, V.; Murty, B.S.
2010Nanocomposites and an extremely hard nanocrystalline intermetallic of Al-Fe alloys prepared by mechanical alloyingNayak, S.S.; Wollgarten, M.; Banhart, J.; Pabi, S.K .; Murty, B.S.
2009Mechanical properties of Al-based metal matrix composites reinforced with Zr-based glassy particles produced by powder metallurgyScudino, S.; Liu, G.; Prashanth, K.G.; Bartusch, B.; Surreddi, K.B.; Murty, B.S.; Eckert, J.
2009Nanoscale structure-property relations in sm modified lead zirconate titanate ElParashar, S.K.S.; Choudhary, R.N.P.; Murty, B.S.
2009Crystallization kinetics of Zr65Ag5Cu12.5Ni10Al7.5 glassy powders produced by ball milling of pre-alloyed ingotsPrashanth, K.G.; Scudino, S.; Surreddi, K.B.; Sakaliyska, M.; Murty, B.S.; Eckert, J.
2009Crystallization kinetics and consolidation of mechanically alloyed Al70Y16Ni10Co4 glassy powdersPrashanth, K.G.; Scudino, S.; Murty, B.S.; Eckert, J.
2010On the Hall-Petch relationship in a nanostructured Al-Cu alloyShanmugasundaram, T.; Heilmaier, M.; Murty, B.S.; Sarma, V.S.