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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Investigations of hydrogen storage in palladium decorated graphene nanoplateletsVinayan, B.P.; Sethupathi, K.; Ramaprabhu, S.
2012Synthesis of graphene-multiwalled carbon nanotubes hybrid nanostructure by strengthened electrostatic interaction and its lithium ion battery applicationVinayan, B.P.; Nagar, R.; Raman, V.; Rajalakshmi, N.; Dhathathreyan, K.S.; Ramaprabhu, S.
2012Synthesis and investigation of mechanism of platinum-graphene electrocatalysts by novel co-reduction techniques for proton exchange membrane fuel cell applicationsVinayan, B.P.; Nagar, R.; Ramaprabhu, S.
2012Catalytic activity of platinum-cobalt alloy nanoparticles decorated functionalized multiwalled carbon nanotubes for oxygen reduction reaction in PEMFCVinayan, B.P.; Jafri, R.I.; Nagar, R.; Rajalakshmi, N.; Sethupathi, K.; Ramaprabhu, S.
2013Platinum-TM (TM = Fe, Co) alloy nanoparticles dispersed nitrogen doped (reduced graphene oxide-multiwalled carbon nanotube) hybrid structure cathode electrocatalysts for high performance PEMFC applicationsVinayan, B.P.; Ramaprabhu, S.
2013Facile synthesis of SnO2 nanoparticles dispersed nitrogen doped graphene anode material for ultrahigh capacity lithium ion battery applicationsVinayan, B.P.; Ramaprabhu, S.
2013Solar light assisted green synthesis of palladium nanoparticle decorated nitrogen doped graphene for hydrogen storage applicationVinayan, B.P.; Nagar, R.; Ramaprabhu, S.
2013Facile synthesis of triangular shaped palladium nanoparticles decorated nitrogen doped graphene and their catalytic study for renewable energy applicationsVinayan, B.P.; Sethupathi, K.; Ramaprabhu, S.
2015Highly durable platinum based cathode electrocatalysts for PEMFC application using oxygen and nitrogen functional groups attached nanocarbon supportsKarthikeyan, N.; Vinayan, B.P.; Rajesh, M.; Balaji, K.; Subramani, A.K.; Ramaprabhu, S.
2015Iron encapsulated nitrogen and sulfur co-doped few layer graphene as a non-precious ORR catalyst for PEMFC applicationVinayan, B.P.; Diemant, T.; Behm, R.J.; Ramaprabhu, S.