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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Metallaboranes of the early transition metals: Direct synthesis and characterization of [{(?5-C5Me5)Ta} 2BnHm] (n=4, m = 10; n = 5, m = 11), [{(?5-C5Me5)Ta}2B 5H10(C6H4CH3)]Bose, S.K.; Geetharani, K.; Varghese, B.; Mobin, S.M.; Ghosh, S.
2013Synthesis and structural characterization of group 5 dimetallaheteroboranesShankhari, P.; Roy, D.K.; Geetharani, K.; Anju, R.S.; Varghese, B.; Ghosh, S.
2011Synthesis, characterization, and electronic structure of new type of heterometallic boride clustersBose, S.K.; Geetharani, K.; Sahoo, S.; Reddy, K.H.K.; Varghese, B.; Jemmis, E.D.; Ghosh, S.
2011Cluster expansion reactions of group 6 and 8 metallaboranes using transition metal carbonyl compounds of groups 7-9Geetharani, K.; Bose, S.K.; Sahoo, S.; Varghese, B.; Mobin, S.M.; Ghosh, S.
2011Condensed tantalaborane clusters: Synthesis and structures of [(Cp *Ta)2B5H7{Fe(CO) 3}2] and [(Cp*Ta)2B 5H9{Fe(CO)3}4]Bose, S.K.; Geetharani, K.; Varghese, B.; Ghosh, S.
2013Reactivity of dirhodium analogues of octaborane-12 and decaborane-14 towards transition-metal moietiesRoy, D.K.; Anju, R.S.; Varghese, B.; Ghosh, S.
2015First-Row Transition-Metal-Diborane and -Borylene ComplexesSharmila, D.; Mondal, B.; Ramalakshmi, R.; Kundu, S.; Varghese, B.; Ghosh, S.
2015Hydroboration of Alkynes with Zwitterionic Ruthenium-Borate Complexes: Novel Vinylborane ComplexesAnju, R.S.; Mondal, B.; Saha, K.; Panja, S.; Varghese, B.; Ghosh, S.
2013A fine tuning of metallaborane to bridged-boryl complex, [(Cp*Ru)2(μ-H)(μ-CO)(μ-Bcat)] (cat = 1,2-O2C6H4; Cp* = η5-C5Me5)Anju, R.S.; Roy, D.K.; Geetharani, K.; Mondal, B.; Varghese, B.; Ghosh, S.
2015Group 1 salts of the imino(phenoxide) scaffold: Synthesis, structural characterization and studies as catalysts towards the bulk ring opening polymerization of lactidesGhosh, S.; Chakraborty, D.; Varghese, B.