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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2000Organochalcogenido-bridged dimeric 2-methylallylpalladium complexes: Synthesis, structure and their transformation into palladium chalcogenidesSinghal, A.; Jain, V.K.; Mishra, R.; Varghese, B.
2001First Asymmetric Synthesis of Quinoline Derivatives by Inverse Electron Demand (IED) Diels-Alder Reaction Using Chiral Ti(IV) ComplexSundararajan, G.; Prabagaran, N.; Varghese, B.
2002Stereoselective synthesis of a C-glycosylic compound (a "methyl C-glycoside") through a regioselective free-radical ring-opening reaction. A single-crystal X-ray structure determinationShanmugasundaram, B.; Varghese, B.; Balasubramanian, K.K.
2003Synthesis, characterization, and X-ray diffraction analysis of triethylenetetra-ammonium tetrathiomolybdatePokhrel, S.; Nagaraja, K.S.; Varghese, B.
2006Synthesis and crystal structure of [2 + 2] calixsalensSrimurugan, S.; Viswanathan, B.; Varadarajan, T.K.; Varghese, B.
2006Crystal structure of single crystals of nonlinear optical l-histidinium trichloroacetateGokul Raj, S.; Ramesh Kumar, G.; Mohan, R.; Varghese, B.; Jayavel, R.
2007Growth, morphological, mechanical and dielectric studies of semi organic NLO single crystal: l-argininium perchlorateAruna, S.; Bhagavannarayana, G.; Palanisamy, M.; Thomas, P.C.; Varghese, B.; Sagayaraj, P.
2010Purification, crystal structure and antimicrobial activity of phenazine-1-carboxamide produced by a growth-promoting biocontrol bacterium, Pseudomonas aeruginosa MML2212Shanmugaiah, V .; Mathivanan, N .; Varghese, B.
2010Structural, electrochemical, phosphate-hydrolysis, DNA binding and cleavage studies of new macrocyclic binuclear nickel(ii) complexesAnbu, S .; Kandaswamy, M .; Varghese, B.
2012Self-assembly of manganese(I)-based molecular squares: Synthesis and spectroscopic and structural characterizationKarthikeyan, S.; Velavan, K.; Sathishkumar, R.; Varghese, B.; Manimaran, B.