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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001Glycine sodium nitrateKrishnakumar, R.V.; Subha Nandhini, M.; Natarajan, S.; Sivakumar, K.; Varghese, B.
2001First Asymmetric Synthesis of Quinoline Derivatives by Inverse Electron Demand (IED) Diels-Alder Reaction Using Chiral Ti(IV) ComplexSundararajan, G.; Prabagaran, N.; Varghese, B.
2006Mixed substituted porphyrins: Structural and electrochemical redox propertiesBhyrappa, P.; Sankar, M.; Varghese, B.
2010Structural, electrochemical, phosphate-hydrolysis, DNA binding and cleavage studies of new macrocyclic binuclear nickel(ii) complexesAnbu, S .; Kandaswamy, M .; Varghese, B.
2012A series of oxyimine-based macrocyclic dinuclear zinc(II) complexes enhances phosphate ester hydrolysis, DNA binding, DNA hydrolysis, and lactate dehydrogenase inhibition and induces apoptosisAnbu, S.; Kamalraj, S.; Varghese, B.; Muthumary, J.; Kandaswamy, M.
2013Exploring the effect of bioisosteric replacement of carboxamide by a sulfonamide moiety on N-glycosidic torsions and molecular assembly: Synthesis and x-ray crystallographic investigation of n-(?- D -glycosyl)sulfonamides as n-glycoprotein linkage region analoguesSrivastava, A.; Varghese, B.; Loganathan, D.
2009Influence of mixed substituents on the macrocyclic ring distortions of free base porphyrins and their metal complexesBhyrappa, P.; Arunkumar, C.; Varghese, B.
2009Mononuclear [(BP)2MX]n+ (M = Cu2+, Co 2+, Zn2+; X = OH2, Cl-) complexes with a new biphenyl appended N-bidentate ligand: Structural, spectroscopic, solution equilibrium and ligand dynamic studiesSabiah, S.; Varghese, B.; Murthy, N.N.
2009Bis[2,4-diamino-5-(3,4,5-trimethoxy-benz-yl)pyrimidin-1-ium] dl-malateFranklin, S.; Balasubramanian, T.; Varghese, B.
2009Supra-molecular hydrogen-bonded networks in adeninediium hemioxalate chloride and adeninium semioxalate hemi(oxalic acid) monohydrateSridhar, B.; Ravikumar, K.; Varghese, B.