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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2000Organochalcogenido-bridged dimeric 2-methylallylpalladium complexes: Synthesis, structure and their transformation into palladium chalcogenidesSinghal, A.; Jain, V.K.; Mishra, R.; Varghese, B.
2001First Asymmetric Synthesis of Quinoline Derivatives by Inverse Electron Demand (IED) Diels-Alder Reaction Using Chiral Ti(IV) ComplexSundararajan, G.; Prabagaran, N.; Varghese, B.
2002The synthesis of new chiral rhodium complexes and their crystal structuresPhadnis, P.P.; Jain, V.K.; Varghese, B.
2003Six coordinate tris(catecholato)silicates of primary amine residues - Synthesis, characterization, and thermolysis studiesBindu, P.; Varghese, B.; Sudheendra Rao, M.N.
2003Synthesis, characterization, and X-ray diffraction analysis of triethylenetetra-ammonium tetrathiomolybdatePokhrel, S.; Nagaraja, K.S.; Varghese, B.
2003Preparation, characterization, and X-ray structure analysis of diethylenetriammonium tetrathiomolybdatePokhrel, S.; Nagaraja, K.S.; Varghese, B.
2003Epoxide-initiated electrophilic cyclization of azides: A novel route for the stereoselective construction of azabicyclic ring systems and total synthesis of (�)-indolizidine 167B and 209DReddy, P.G.; Varghese, B.; Baskaran, S.
2003An improved protocol for the synthesis of antipodal ?-tetrabromo-tetraphenylporphyrin and the crystal structure of its Zn(II) complexKumar, P.K.; Bhyrappa, P.; Varghese, B.
2005Microwave assisted cyclocondensation of dialdehydes with chiral diamines forming calixsalen type macrocyclesSrimurugan, S.; Viswanathan, B.; Varadarajan, T.K.; Varghese, B.
2004Synthesis of ?-amino alcohols by regioselective ring opening of arylepoxides with anilines catalyzed by cobaltous chlorideSundararajan, G.; Vijayakrishna, K.; Varghese, B.