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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1981Selective solvation of Ag(I) iodate in methanol-dimethyl sulphoxide mixturesJanardhanan, S.; Kalidas, C.
1981Electrochemical reduction of 2,4,6-trinitro diphenylamine in buffered and unbuffered methanolic solutionsJohn Koshy, V.; Venkatachalam, C.S.; Kalidas, C.
1981Studies in isodielectric media. Part IV. Thermodynamics of protonation of p-nitroaniline in ethylene glycol-Diethylene glycol mixtures at 25�CPrasad, P.S.; Kalidas, C.
1982Determination of ionisation constants of nitrobenzidinesAravamuthan, S.; Kalidas, C.; Venkatachalam, C.S.
1982Selective solvation of copper(I) thiocyanate in acetonitrile-water mixtures at 30�CGiridhar, V.V.; Kalidas, C.
1982Preferential solvation of silver(I) acetate in water, methanol and their mixtures with dimethyl sulfoxideJanardhanan, S.; Kalidas, C.
1983Thermodynamics of hydrogen chloride in propylene glycol-water mixtures from electromotive force measurementsVenkateswara Sastry, V.; Kalidas, C.
1983Solvation energies and solvent transport numbers of silver sulfate in methanol, ethanol, and their mixtures with acetonitrileSubramanian, S.; Sasikumar, G.; Kalidas, C.
1983Standard potentials of silver-silver bromide electrode in propylene glycol-water mixtures at different temperatures and the related thermodynamic quantitiesVenkateswara Sastry, V.; Kalidas, C.
1983Conductance behaviour of HCl in water-ethylene glycol, water-diethylene glycol and ethylene glycol-diethylene glycol mixturesSivaprasad, P.; Kalidas, C.