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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1989Crystal, molecular structure, and magnetic properties of bis(tetra-n-butylammonium)bis(4-(dicyanomethylene)-1,2-dimercaptocyclopent-1- ene-3,5-dionato-S,S?)cuprate(II), [n-Bu4N]2[Cu(dcmdtcroc)2]: A dimer with weak ferromagnetic couplingVenkatalakshmi, N.; Varghese, B.; Lalitha, S.; Williams, R.F.X.; Manoharan, P.T.
1989Ortho effects in organic molecules on electron impact. 20. Parallel oxygen transfers from nitro group to sulfur and acetylenic triple bond in 3-(o-nitrophenylthio)-1-propynesRamana, D.V.; Rama Krishna, N.V.S.
1989Tomographic analysis of erythrocyte distribution during blood flow in glass capillariesSingh, M.; Ramesh, A.T.V.
1989Analysis of erythrocyte aggregation mechanism in presence of dextran and magnetic field by ultrasound scattering in bloodSwarnamani, S.; Singh, M.
1989Two stage upflow anaerobic filter for the treatment of partially treated Distillary wastewaterSubrahamanyam, Y.V.; Sastry, C.A.
1989The product distribution of DNA base alkylation by N-nitroso compounds: An INDO SCF MO theoretical studyDuncan, R.H.; Davies, G.S.
1989Charging of sub - micron aerosols by uni - polar ionsVenkateswara Rao, P.V.; Sastry, C.A.
1989Electric field distribution in a corona region of an electrostatic precipitatorKumar, P.; Sastry, C.A.
1989Concentration and determination of traces of arsenic and phosphorous in natural watersRamakrishna, T.V.; Palanivelu, K.
1989Recent development to the determination of H concentrations in sea water environmentKalidas, C.