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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1998Finite element simulation of transient laminar flow and heat transfer past an in-line tube bankKrishne Gowda, Y.T.; Patnaik, B.S.V.P.; Aswatha Narayana, P.A.; Seetharamu, K.N.
1996Simulation of laminar confined flow pasta circular cylinder with integral wake splitter involving heat transferPatnaik, B.S.V.P.; Seetharamu, K.N.; Aswatha Narayana, P.A.
1997The effects of longitudinal heat conduction in compact plate-fin and tube-fin heat exchangers using a finite element methodRanganayakulu, Ch.; Seetharamu, K.N.; Sreevatsan, K.V.
1997Modelling of steam surface condenser using finite element methodsRoy Chaudhuri, A.; Seetharamu, K.N.; Sundararajan, T.
1997Analysis of aerodynamic multileaf foil journal bearingsSudheer Kumar Reddy, D.; Swarnamani, S.; Prabhu, B.S.
2002Active-passive hybrid damping in beams with enhanced smart constrained layer treatmentBalamurugan, V.; Narayanan, S.
2000Non-Darcy natural convection in a hydrodynamically and thermally anisotropic porous mediumNithiarasu, P.; Sujatha, K.S.; Ravindran, K.; Sundararajan, T.; Seetharamu, K.N.
2001Diffraction-radiation of multiple floating structures in directional wavesSannasiraj, S.A.; Sundaravadivelu, R.; Sundar, V.
2002A fixed-grid finite element based enthalpy formulation for generalized phase change problems: Role of superficial mushy regionBhattacharya, M.; Basak, T.; Ayappa, K.G.
1999Finite element modelling of heat transfer analysis in machining of isotropic materialsRamesh, M.V.; Seetharamu, K.N.; Ganesan, N.; Kuppuswamy, G.