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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Analysis of heat recovery and heat transfer within entrapped porous triangular cavities via heatline approachBasak, T.; Roy, S.; Ramakrishna, D.; Pandey, B.D.
2010Analysis of heatlines for natural convection within porous trapezoidal enclosures: Effect of uniform and non-uniform heating of bottom wallBasak, T.; Roy, S.; Matta, A.; Pop, I.
2010Visualization of heat transport due to natural convection for hot materials confined within two entrapped porous triangular cavities via heatline conceptBasak, T.; Roy, S .; Ramakrishna, D .; Pop, I.
2015Sensitivity of heatfunction boundary conditions on invariance of Bejan's heatlines for natural convection in enclosures with various wall heatingsBiswal, P.; Basak, T.
2012A complete heatline analysis on mixed convection within a square cavity: Effects of thermal boundary conditions via thermal aspect ratioRamakrishna, D.; Basak, T.; Roy, S.; Pop, I.
2012Analysis of Bejan's heatlines on visualization of heat flow and thermal mixing in tilted square cavitiesSingh, A.K.; Roy, S.; Basak, T.
2013Analysis of heatlines and entropy generation during free convection within trapezoidal cavitiesRamakrishna, D.; Basak, T.; Roy, S.
2013Analysis of heatlines during natural convection within porous square enclosures: Effects of thermal aspect ratio and thermal boundary conditionsRamakrishna, D.; Basak, T.; Roy, S.; Pop, I.
2017Role of heatlines on thermal management during Rayleigh-B?nard heating within enclosures with concave/convex horizontal wallsBiswal P; Basak T.