Experimental and numerical analysis of a spar platform subjected to irregular waves

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This study is a continuation of another one concerned to the spar’s behavior in regular waves. Herein, the numerical hydrodynamic analysis of a spar platform subjected to irregular waves is validated through measured data. The experimental activity was conducted in a 4 m wide wave flume for spar with 0.25 m diameter 1.22 m draft moored with four wired steel cables forming a slack system. Two types of analyses are adopted to extract the viscous damping: (1) the linear analysis which results in a linear coefficient, and (2) the nonlinear analysis which results in a combination of linear and quadratic coefficients. Furthermore, a tuned quadratic damping matrix is estimated. Each damping matrix is implemented individually in the numerical simulations and the differences are highlighted through the comparison of response spectrum root mean square. From the results, it is observed that the numerical model captures well the resonance responses as well as the combination resonances using the quadratic damping values.