Effect of porous baffle on sloshing dynamics in a barge mounted container subjected to wave excitation

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An experimental investigation was carried out to determine the effect of porous baffle walls on sloshing dynamics of a sloshing tank that is partially filled with liquid and rigidly mounted in a barge. The experimental setup is subjected to beam sea regular wave excitations and hence the barge experiences combined sway heave and roll excitations. An aspect ratio (hs/l, where hs is still water level and l is length of tank) of 0.488 is considered which corresponds to 75% fill condition with respect to tank height. Three porosities of 15%, 20%, and 25% are considered. The barge system was subjected to regular waves of frequency (fw) ranging from 0.45Hz to 1.54Hz. The effectiveness of porous baffles on the dissipation of sloshing energy is studied in comparison with without baffle condition. The effect of wave excitation frequency on the sloshing dynamics has also been analysed and the prominent results are here in reported.